Where it began...
The Priceless Project started in Bartlesville, Oklahoma where Emily French founder and creator, launched MUTUAL Gold for MUTUAL Girls Club of Bartlesville. in 2014. The vision had been planted in Emily's heart 9 years previous when she was working for an after-school program in Fort Morgan, Colorado in 2005-2006. In this town of 11,000 people, the high school was building what the students were calling a "baby barn". This was the district's attempt to solve the teen pregnancy epidemic.

The need...
 "What I saw was a horrendous need for love and approval and the tremendous desire to feel valuable. It was during this year in Colorado, that I felt the mission of my life was given to me. My life no matter where, or when, or how, was to be about keeping young women "Pure". The word "Pure" means- "free from contamination." Everywhere women turn something or someone is telling them they are "not enough" and if they were only "prettier, smarter, skinnier, bigger, shorter, taller, richer, ....more.....then we would be worthy of love. My goal and mission is to combat these lies with truth. My desire is that girls and women of all ages would embrace their infinite value, see with their own eyes their unrivaled uniqueness and discover the gift they are to the World! "

Why Priceless?
Often we underestimate the power our beliefs have on our lives. Many of us believe things about ourselves because of experiences that we have been through as children that were out of our control. We may also believe things just because we don't know anything different. Our current social climate bombards us with ideas and images that present themselves as truth or reality, how do we know what voice to follow and what is true? I love helping people see, or shining a light on the lies that we have internalized or the beliefs we are holding, that are actually holding us! If we can learn to sift through the current messages of society, our emotions, our internal voice and identify truth. We can change the way we experience life and ultimately may find True Life. The road to true life is NOT easy, it is very narrow, it is hard to find and few of us find it. But I would love to go searching with you!

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